2015 in photos: A Fantastic Journey for Always Summer.

poze postare 2015
2015 was a fantastic year, with six months of travel and six months of work and building six startups. We put up a photo story with our most important memories.
There are links to more details at some of the stories. Thanks for following us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
Enjoy our journey!
This is us, Tudor and Anda, at the end of 2014, ready for a trip around the world!
IMG_0011calatorie_in_jurul_lumii (1)
1. First stop-Oslo, Norway for Christmas and a trip to Sweden, Gothenburg and Stockholm.
2…from where we flew to Los Angeles, for only 217 euros round trip. We spent a spectacular New Year`s Eve in Las Vegas!
3- After partying a few days we went on a road trip. We were mesmerized by the Grand Canyon, Colorado, USA
4- We visited our friends, Steve&Ania, in Tucson, Arizona
5- Driving a rental car, we spent a month traveling through Nevada, Arizona and California. The Big Sur is for good reason one of the most spectacular roads in the world!
6- In San Diego we went to the launch of  Travel Massive Silicon Valley, event that convinced us that it`s a great opportunity to start Travel Massive in Romania! This picture is from August 2015 at the launching party!
7- we spent a week in Newport Beach with Alisa, our American friend from JCI. We enjoyed admiring the houses facing the canals of Balboa Island.
2015-01-13 06.46.07
8- We watched the most beautiful sunset over the Big Sur
9- We met ” where’s Bixby“, a man and a dog that were bicycling around the US for almost two years
Wheresbixby (1)
10- We joined  Anda’s friends in Los Angeles (Cristina&Dimitris) and had a great time together visiting LA and going out on Sunset Boulevard
poze postare 20151
11-  In Carmel Beach we got jealous on the elegant houses on the coast and the gorgeous beach
12- In San Francisco we met also with friends and we had lunch over at Twitter ‘s headquarters 🙂
13- while in San Francisco we had the feeling that it was the city one day we might live in.
san francisco (1 of 1)
14- In London we visited more friends: Mădălina, Monica&Andrei, Sorin&Oana, Mihai and we had a great time together
15- A short trip to Barcelona to remind us how beautiful the city is!
16 -On our way to the Philippines we had a short stop in Beijing, China, great for some exotic snacks in the market and a long walk through the Forbidden City.
17- In Manila, our friend Nad made our experience there much better! We had a special lunch with Miss World !
18 – We spent Valentine’s day in Manila ,Philippines
19- One dream came true when we discovered El Nido, Palawan, in the Philippines
20- We discovered the best place to relax in Philippines, Nacpan Beach and we had a great motorcycle ride on that beach
21- We had quite a few cocktails and so much fun in Boracay. The nightlife there is crazy 🙂
22- Anda felt like a star in the beach town called “Anda” in Bohol Island
23- This is a picture of the fairytale Chocolate Hills in Bohol Island
24- More than half an hour we enjoyed the free fish food massage in the beautiful scenery of Siquijor Island, the witch island
poze postare 20153
25-   Adrenaline was rushing through our bodies when we swam with the largest fishes in the world, the whale sharks in Oslob, Philippines. That was an unforgettable experience!
poze postare 20154
26- In the Oslob area we discovered this wonderful waterfall
27- In Cebu, while buying a new lens for the camera our recently bought GoPro Hero4  camera  got stolen
28- One of the nights in Kuala Lumpur and did something we love: we went to a great rooftop bar for a glass of wine with a view!
29- From Kuala Lumpur we flew to Indonesia, the island of Lombok. This friendly guy from AirAsia helped us got back after 24h, the camera we forgot in the airplane.
30- Picture from the plane of the Mount Rinjani volcano, Lombok
31- We visited the Gili Islands (Air, Meno and Trawangan)
We experienced the heaviest and loudest rain in our life in a tiny hut.
poze postare 20156
32- We took a bumpy boat on a rough sea to Bali, went straight to Ubud and instantly felt that is a special place, which easily became our favourite place on Earth
33- Driving with the motorcycle thru the rice fields in Bali, Indonesia.
34- We made yoga, attended ecstatic dance, experienced deep meditation with Tibetan bowls and joined healthy and detox workshops in Ubud.
poze postare 201516
35- We discovered the Balinese food and felt in love for life with the pumpkin&coconut soup with ginger
36- We enjoyed every moment in the Balinese spa, which became addictive
37- Woke up at 5 am to see the sunrise and the dolphins in Amed Beach, Bali
38- The highlight of our Bali trip, Pita Maha Resort, Ubud. View from our huge villa. It can`t get better than waking up with this view.
39- In Ubud we went to a wonderful dinner at Kayumanis Resort and enjoyed also the Balinese traditional show
40- Sunset at Rock Bar Bali at Ayana Resort
poze postare 20157
41- We lived 24 hours of Silence, on Nyepi day
poze postare 20158
42- Our last night in Manila: instead of resting at the hotel we spent the night with friends in sky bars and went directly to the airport
43 – Paris was our first European destination from Asia and the base for a cycle adventure trip!
44- Bicycling on the Valley of the Loire admiring the French castles
45- As we love Italy, we had a stop before Romania for some great food and coffee
46- We arrived in Romania in April and spent Easter holidays with our family in Câmpulung
47- Meet Zazou, our new family member!IMG_8268
48- On April we opened a new restaurant and another beach bar at the seaside in Vama Veche.
poze postare 201511
49- and we celebrated one year of marriage
poze postare 201512
50- One month later, believe it or not, we opened a sky bar in one day!
poze postare 201510
51- Our only day of vacation in the summer of 2015, in Bulgaria
52- Tudor’s birthday party
53- In Bucharest, we had to close Peaches hostel and we opened a new one, Pura Vida Sky Bar&Hostel.  It was a huge amount of work but the satisfaction at the end was priceless!
54-The summer was crazy, nine parallel activities running at full capacity, lots of parties, events and concerts
55- Anda’s birthday party 🙂
poze postare 201514
56- In autumn, we opened Pura Vida Hub, the first co-working and co-living space in Bucharest
57- We still made time for little surprises
58- Two days before leaving in our trip we opened a ctea house
59- Buckle up, we fly again to Oslo and to new adventures!
60- We experience living like a local for three weeks in New York, we participate to many business and networking events, work in three different hubs,  while living in Queens.
61- On our way to Colombia, South America we fly to Florida and drove a muscle car, a Dodge Charger, to Key West just in time for this great sunset
62- 24 November 2015. Welcome, Colombia! Welcome,Cartagena!
20151218_13104963- Chilling in the fisherman’s village Taganga,ColombiaIMG_20151204_173512
64- Two days hiking to Tayrona National Park, Colombia
65- Palomino, Colombia
66- Medellin, the former most dangerous city in the world was a great pleasant surprise!  One can easily fall in love with the modern and classic Poblado neighbourhoodLrMobile1212-2015-120271284355280514
67- Up in the sky in Bogota at more than 3000 m high altitude
68- We spent Christmas in Dallas, Texas, at the Tudor’s cousin Madalina. it was a perfect family holiday! DSC_0866
69- On 30 December we left Huston and arrived in Mexic, in Cancun. Sunny and hot again
70- 31 December 3015 was a day to remember. You know when you wish something (like attending Empire of the Sun concert) and somehow the universe works and you end up there? it was like this for us and we had a wonderful New Years Eve 2016 in Cancun, Mexico
We only wish 2016 to be as good as 2015! We do wish in 2016 to build our dream home and to have a new family member 🙂
so, let’s wish for the best!
Thanks for following us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
In 2015 we had six months of travel and we are still in the trip of our life.
We are really thankful for this great  year and we wish for us and for our dear ones to be in 2016 healthy and happy!
Happy 2016 to all!


  • Oana Bugeac ( Condruz)

    Sunteti absolut adorabili! Foarte inspiring demersul vostru, ne mobilizati si pe noi sa ne mai organizam cate o mini calatorie 🙂 imi place mult ca emanati pozitivitate, zambesc mereu cand va citesc postarile! Va doresc succes in tot ce va propuneti si sa vi se implineasca toate proiectele pentru Noul An 2016!

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