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I met Steve thirteen years ago in Romania, traveling on a charming steam train called mocăniță.
It was his first time in Romania and he was so amazed by the genuine hospitality of the Romanian people that he retourned to teach as a Fulbright teacher in Iași and Timișoara for a full year! He still remembers the ”palincă” drink:)
He even started a blog in Romanian and learnt our language.
Thanks to him I visited the first time United States and he made sure that I will feel welcomed as a first timer outside Europe.
He organized the first part of my trip, so he would have free accommodation either at his friends or at hosts on Coach Surfing. We traveled by car from New York to New Haven (Yale University), Boston and back south to Washington and Philadelphia. From there, already confident in my new travel skills I rented a car and went all the way south to Florida, Miami and Key West and back.
Last year we made a special trip to Arizona-Tucson to join their holidays and catch up.
In 2016 we organized our new American trip so I can finally visit him at his home in Indianapolis. Again he showed us the American hospitality and we had so much fun. We toured the neighborhoods of the city by bike, thanks to the wisper electric bikes which are very comfortable and environmentally friendly.  We had a party, we ate New Orleans typical food, Bruges moules, American home made breakfast, we made an outdoor fire accompanied by Mr Bourbon and exercised Romanian and Spanish:)

New Orleans (14 of 96).jpg

It`s such a great feeling to have nice friends all over the world. In our previous trip we visited 30 friends in many different countries!
In the same time it makes you wonder why aren`t we giving the deserved value for the friendships that we have in the cities we live in and we are too busy to spend enough time with our friends.

Here is the video of our lovely day biking in Indianapolis:

Indianapolis2 (67 of 72).jpg

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