Recommended good and affordable place to eat in Paris

 J’aime Paris! I love Paris!
It is a very beautiful city, with spectacular buildings, great food, cheese and wine and very interesting people!
It feels like you are walking in a huge museum where every building is an exhibit and at every corner a sensory rich experience is waiting for you in a French boulangerie or a art gallery. And everything from the lights of the Tour Eiffel to the music of the francais language is so romantic that you feel like in a love story movie.
Still, for most of the people living in Paris or the tourists visiting the city it is not a cheap place.
You need to look a little bit around for the most affordable places to eat or shop if you want to keep your expenses low.
We discovered a nice area in Paris with good prices for a lunch. It is a touristy area close to Cathedral de Notre Dame.
It’s an area full of restaurants between the metro stations of Saint Michel and La Sorbonne. There are several streets with a lot of tourists, souvenir shops and restaurants with all kinds of menu prices ranging from 10 to 20 euros for a starter, main dish and dessert.
We’ve been to Le Bistrot de la Harper. The food was great and the price was only 10 euro /menu.
We had french onion soup, mussels and steak, and mousse o chocolat. The portions were big enough,  food was tasty and the atmosphere great. Drinks are a little more than in the other places but not no high.
Here are some pictures of the food and the address of the place.




We recommend this place because we tried it, but all the other restaurants from the area looked nice and with a lot of customers. Most of the places have happy hour in the evening and as it is close to the students area of Sorbonne University it has also some night life.


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