Palawan,  Philippines

the unseen part of the El Nido paradise

When you arrive in Palawan Island your first thought is,  yeah, there is Paradise on Earth.
Then when you go to bed to prepare for the next day of Island hoping or whatever you plan to do in Paradise you realise that the noisy locals enjoy till late their paradise Island. If they will go to bed then the street dogs will continue their own party.
Some get “drunk” and become aggressive with their fellows loudly barking
The crazy noises cease to finish round 3 am when the roosters take over right at your ears joining the opera performance of the geckos.
If you were fighting with mosquitoes and spiders you will be too nervous to even bother anymore with that.
Finally some sleep. Hmm, so good.
But the freaking crazy turkeys don’t agree and they start making histeric sounds to announce their wake up.

We tried till now four different places and they offer more or less the same sound environment. It’s funny that we had more rest in noisy Manila.

Palawan Island is truly amazing,  but just don’t expect to sleep in the clouds.

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