Traveling with twins in a RV. A USA road trip

We love to travel and since we became parents we traveled a lot with our girls. Eva and Sofia at 14 months are already experienced travelers. Until now they traveled as following

The motorhome scamp trailer is one of the more interesting types of motorhomes on the market. They are not as common as RV trailers, but they are a fun, unique type of camper that is very popular with people who enjoy going on road trips. If you are in the market for a motorhome scamp trailer for sale then you will want to spend some time doing some research. You can go to places such as eBay or Craigslist to see if anyone is selling one of these vehicles. You may also find them at local auctions or you can look for them in used motorhome dealerships that are near you.

Beginning of 2020 finds us in USA, in California . We just returned from a New Year’s trip in Dominican Republic.  In California we rented a Tesla, and two other electric cars (Tudor’s new passion) and traveled all the way on the coast, from San Diego to San Francisco and back (twice!), we visited Napa and Sonoma Valley and enjoyed again the wonderful California with all its beauty. We especially loved to drive the tesla on the Big Sur!! We used a lot of Airbnb for accommodation, but also hotels and inn’s. Our biggest wish on this trip was to travel in a RV, this was the plan since we left home. We first arrived in USA in Boston and because it was November, we couldn’t find a Rv to rent. So we did travel by car all the way north to Canada and then all the way south until Florida. Yes, a lot of miles, but we did traveled slowly, in our own rhythm. In Florida we relaxed in Cape Coral at some dear friends for 2 weeks, then we went to Dominican Republic. So, the Rv trip was in our mind all this time, literally checking daily the websites and offers. A few years ago we used for the first time the services from Imoova, a website offering relocations of Rv for just 1 $per day (yes, really!!!) and it was amazing. So this time, we looked for the same offer, waiting for them to have a relocation suitable with our travel plans.

And, finally, beginning of February all the planets wave allied in order for this dream trip to happen! We found a relocation from Los Angeles to Dallas!! Yes, with only 1 $ per day. The trip was supposed to take 8 days, but as we traveled with the girls we wanted to do it slowly and we extended with more days. Every extra day after the allowed ones costs 60 $ and still is a great price for what you get, Accomodation and transport.

The Rv was from the El Monte RV, a Rv park and as the last time, the whole rental process went smoothly! We got this time a huuuge Rv with 2 slide out, brand new and super cool and comfortable! You can rent from them the linen and utilities, but we decided to by our own. If you go to a target and/or goodwill you buy all you need with just a few dollars.

So, here we go! We pressent you the video filmed at the El Monte RV Rentals location just when we took the Rv and made a tour of it.

The next stop in the first day was to a wallmart to fill our fridge with food and drinks (a good wine to celebrate🎉), kitchenware and other things. We also bought linens and pillows and blankets. We used some apps in order to find locations where you can stay overnight with a Rv and the best one is free campsites. Anyway, at most of Walmart superstores you can stay and this is where we spend most of the nights in this trip. Is very convenient as you can shop, then sleep for the night and in the morning continue the trip. We found it very safe also.

In the Rv I slept with the girls in the main double bed and it was really comfortable. Tudor used the top bed above the driver seat mostly, as our Rv had space for 7 people, so, a lot of beds and space. We love to cook in general but in the Rv somehow is even nicer, the girls loved taking part in all of the cooking, eating and washing activities. We played a lot also and enjoyed this super cosy space we had. Eva and Sofia were still sleeping twice per day and I found it easier to put then to sleep in the Rv because of the motion and movement of the car :).

We traveled through Joshua Tree national park and particularly enjoyed Palm Springs where we stopped for a short coffee break.

In the first days we drove a lot, around 5 to 6 h per day. The plan was to make it sooner to the beach in Texas, in Galveston area. So the first part of the trip was just driving, stops and breaks to cook, eat refresh a little or shop for necessities and stop for the night in a parking spot. I will put here the map of our itinerary. Our Rv was dewinterized so this was the reason why we drove mostly south as the temperature in the night shouldn’t go below O Celsius /32 Fahrenheit

You might know how Huge the Texas state is!

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