Discover the rivers of West Africa

As our love for summer is never-ending, winter is a good time to be researching about new and exciting summer destinations. Leaving luxurious holiday types aside and in search of more genuine holiday experiences one might argue, we have arrived to West Africa and more specifically, cruising the rivers of West Africa. This could be a fascinating voyage of discovery, giving you the chance to experience something completely different for a change. And this can be very exciting! Mostly suited to the more culturally wired travelers and those looking for a bit of an adventure while on holiday, here are the top three reasons why you should discover the Rivers of West Africa on your next summer vacation.

A different side of Africa is revealed

When thinking about Africa what are the first images that come to mind? Probably deserts, savannas and sand dunes. Correct? Well, think again. The western part of the African continent is blessed with the rivers of Gambia and Senegal that bring great prosperity to its shores. The maze of waterways that stem from the Atlantic ocean and lead into the heart of Africa’s terrains make up a wonderful aquatic trail for tourists and offer striking scenic views along the way. There are mangroves, banto faros, wetlands and farmlands as well as gallery forests. Verdant riverbanks form the tapestry of landscapes that are beyond anticipation, and a handful of nature reserves and natural parks, such as Kiang West, Banjul, Abuko and Makasutu, that harbor a wide variety of wildlife that will enthuse you.

A curiously indigenous wildlife

The wildlife of West Africa includes some interesting species that you not usually associate with the continent. Think beyond lions, leopards, hyenas, giraffes, rhinos and other usual terrestrial mammals you have seen in documentaries. The rivers of West Africa are home to two dolphin species, the Atlantic bottlenose and humpback dolphins, as well as the local manatee, a peculiar, docile creature that resembles walrus, commonly known as the sea cow. Numerous primate species as well as various amphibians and reptiles, including three types of crocodile, two of which are considered endangered. What is highly notable is the high number of bird species. They are over 500 kinds of birds in West Africa that make it a top bird-watching destination, if that is something you are interested in. Many of these wildlife examples can be experienced up close and personal by paying the above mentioned nature reserves a visit.

A simple yet fulfilling way of life

The local people, although not privileged with living in a developed country like the majority of travelers, have found happiness in the simple things in life. Family and community bonds are of the utmost importance while their livelihoods revolve around working with and on the land. A rural people overall, they are primarily fishermen, craftsmen and farmers so it is vital that foreign aid continues to enter the region to stimulate the economy. Despite any advanced infrastructure, you will notice that the people appear to be happy, and they are usually seen with smiles on their faces, something that is rare to see in the more developed, western world. A visit to the local towns and villages, such as Janjanbureh (also known as Georgetown), Kaur or Banjul, will make you question the true meaning of life, where money is a means to life, not the meaning of life. This can be extremely humbling and perhaps what we need in order to put our rather frenzied lives into perspective.

Jurnal de Crăciun-Cayo Jutias si drumul spre Maria la Gorda, Cuba.

Am avut o zi mai deosebită.

După o înnoptare chiar pe malul Oceanului si o cină cu langustă in Puerto Esperanza am pornit cu motocicleta închiriată din Viñales, de-a lungul coastei, în căutarea unei plaje mai neturistice, Cayo Jutias.

Drumurile nu au fost refăcute probabil din anii 50 și am avut ghinionul la o groapă mare cu pietriș, să pierd controlul. Câteva julituri la mine, una la Anda și mai multe la motocicletă.

Localnicii au fost foarte săritori și mi-au spus că îmi va trece cu o baie în mare, o cerveza și o (nouă) langustă.

Plaja din Cayo Jutias este spectaculoasa si a meritat pe deplin drumul pana aici.

Aici majoritatea turistilor vin pentru o jumatate de zi cu o masina inchiriata cu sofer din Vinales, ceea ce ne-a oferit oportunitatea de a fotografia aceste masini americane din Cuba in acest superb peisaj.

După ce am aplicat soluția mare/fără cerveza am continuat prin cele mai izolate sate din Cuba înspre estul extrem.

Am fost sfătuiți să nu mergem pe aici, că drumurile sunt proaste, iar cei 80 de kilometri prin pustietate s-au transformat în ore bune de mers extrem de dificile printre infinit de multe gropi și trecând prin toate formele posibile de sol. Pietre mari, pietriș ascuțit, pământ, argilă, argilă umedă, super alunecoasă. Din când în când ceva asfalt.

Acul rezorvorului a scăzut vertiginos, cu cât ne îndepărtam de orice urmă de civilizație. În trei ore au trecut două camione și un tractor.

Pe lângă grija unei noi căzături aveam grija unei eventuale pene și a lipsei carburantului.

Mai aveam 30 de kilometri până la prima localitate, se apropia asfințitul. Acul la minim.

Am mers cât am putut de economic și am ajuns cu bine în Mantua. Civilizație. Bucurie mare.

Aveam însă doar echivalentul unui dolar și banca închisese deja.

Am găsit un om de business local care ne-a schimbat euro, la un curs avantajos. Lui.

După ce am alimentat am început sa căutăm cazare. Nici hotelul din oraș, nici cele 3 “casas particulares” nu aveau nimic liber.


Se însera și, singura opțiune era sa continuam în orașul următor aflat la 38 de kilometri. Părțile proaste la condus noaptea sunt frigul, gropile, căruțele și cel mai nasol, insectele.

Casca nu are protecție și îmi intrau simultan insecte în urechi și în ochi.

In disperare m-am făcut berber, cu eșarfa Andei, lăsând cât mai puțin loc la ochi pentru dușmani.

Nemâncați și frânți de oboseală am ajuns în Guane.

Aici am avut noroc. La prima casă la care am întrebat ne-au direcționat la casa unei prietene, ce ne-a primit cu multă ospitalitate, la pachet cu doi căței prietenoși.

Ne-a recomandat un restaurant în apropiere unde tocmai am terminat de mâncat doua fripturi cu garnitură, pentru un total de 1 dolar. Restaurantele de stat din afara locurilor turistice sunt extrem de ieftine.

Mâine, o nouă zi neturistică

The best three locations to stay in Santorini 

On your next visit to the the most captivating island of the Greek Cyclades, choose between the best three locations to stay in Santorini. What should you consider when making the choice of where to stay? Well, that depends what each of these locations offer, and what you are also looking for. Without further ado, the best locations to stay in Santorini are definitely Oia, Fira and Akrotiri, each able to offer the visitor an entirely different stay experience.

Stay in Oia for the sunset

The Santorini sunset is known for its staggering beauty far and wide. And although the sunset colours can be found strewn all across the sky, and visible practically from the entire west side coast of the island, it is from Oia where you can get unobstructed views of the sun dipping into the sea. Enjoy the world’s most glorious sunset in peace and quiet within the privacy of your own luxury suite with direct sunset view in Oia, and avoid the crowds that are often crammed within the tight cobblestone streets searching for a glimpse of the spectacular natural phenomenon that reaches levels of perfection on the enchanting island of Santorini.

Stay in Fira for the town vibes

Santorini has quite the vibrant scene, during the day and during the night. In the day the center town called Fira is full of colour, with all the cafes and souvenir shops welcoming everyone, of all ages. Museums and galleries are also open, whereas during the day it is the best time to photograph the island and its white washed buildings and blue dome churches. It is an ideal location in you are visiting with your family, or if you are looking to soak up the town vibes in full, as everything is at your feet in Fira. You can still enjoy a refreshing cool dip in Kalisti hotel in Fira that boasts the largest swimming pool in town, or you can venture out to one of the colourful beaches if you please. And when the night falls, Fira is transformed into a true nightlife enchantress. With all the bars and clubs buzzing, the nightlife of Fira town offer a whole other perspective, that you can indulge in for a few casual cocktails or even an all night bender well into the first hours of the new day.

Stay in Akrotiri for seclusion
Having mentioned the crowds in Oia and the busy town of Fira, those seeking absolute seclusion and remoteness, can choose to stay in a romantic retreat hotel in Akrotiri. There, couples especially, will find the ultimate romantic hideaway for their love, made of luxurious suites and fabulous facilities offering unforgettable moments framed by wonderful gastronomic experiences, and many others, on a unique location on the rim of the Caldera. It provides an extraordinary vantage point, with incredible views of the clifftop settlements of Fira, Imerovigli and Oia, as well as the iconic volcano amidst the Aegean sea. The perfect setting to make you feel like the only two people in the world

#IrelandsAncientEast road trip part 2

We were invited to explore the Ireland’s ancient East for four days.

After a good night sleep at The Park Hotel in Dungavan we started our second day of exploration through the #IrelandsAncientEast with the support of Failte Ireland and #kerrycoaches

A little sleepy still, we arrived at the Dunmore East Adventure Center where, first, I personally was not so excited about getting wet and jump in the cold water of Ireland in October :). And here’s my face before that!

But I was excited about kayaking and Tudor joined me and is was such a great experience! No cold water for us, even if the other had a great time with the Wibit game of the Adventure Center. We enjoyed a nice journey on the water with some cliffs and beaches views along the way. After the kayak we wore actually energized and ready for the Wibit but we decided is better to leave something for next time. The center has also great activities for winter season so do check them while in the area.

We had lunch in one of the most beautiful places I saw so far on the coast of Ireland, at the Strand Inn, right on the beach on Dunmore East. I was impressed by the delicious food, the beautiful rooms of 

the hotel but mostly I liked the design and the  coziness of the restaurant. I would have stayed there all day, just watching the waves with a cup of tea in my hand!

Although it was hard to leave, the next stop was the House of Waterfort Crystal. I really enjoyed this place and I must say it was one of my favorite spots of the Ireland’s ancient East trip.

The tour you have is very informative and it shows you all from history to how the craftsmans are doing every piece right there on the spot. And we had a special treatment 🙂 I was  actually able to blow in my own piece of glass, make it in the right shape and then cut it so a nice piece of crystal art will come out right of my hands! And I love it!! I did a perfect star 🌟shape on the bottom (thank God for my 6 year’s of studying geometry and architecture!) and I was able to have the crystal bowl with me at home!

Although in normal tours you are not allowed to do this i will definitely recommend a visit to the House of Waterfront Crystal as it is such a nice place to discover craftmeship and more about crystal.

The trip was followed by a nice visit of the Waterford Treasures, which is Ireland’s only Medieval Museum showcasing spectacular Treasures from the Middle-Ages and the tour was really great due to the Irish funny tour guide. 

We then watched the World’s first virtual reality Viking adventure, at the 3D King of the Vikings Experience. King of the Vikings is a dynamic virtual reality experience. Really funny and if felt so real! It brings you up close and personal with the Viking warlords who founded ‘Veðrafjorðr’ (Waterford), Ireland’s oldest city. 

A short city center tour and a visit of  the elegant 1743 Bishop’s Palace, which is now the home of the Treasures of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries and we finished a day full of history and experiences.

We stayed and had dinner at the Dooley’s Hotel witch was very  so comfortable and relaxing. And with a nice welcome! 

We are now convinced that Ireland is doing very well when it comes to hospitality.  Great food and gastronomy and overall high quality services in  tourism.  

See you all tomorrow for another day of the #IrelandsAncientEast experience together with Failte Ireland 


#IrelandsAncientEast road trip 

We were invited to explore the Ireland’s ancient East for four days.

Day I was perfectly balanced day with a trip from Killarney, provided by #kerrycoaches to the magnificent Cliff house hotel in Armore. 

James, our driver has a tremendous sense of (Irish) humor:) 

The roof of the hotel is completely green and it blends in perfectly in the green surrounding area. All the rooms have sea view. 

You can enjoy massage with a sea view or relax in an outdoor bathtub. 

Or you can just relax by the the fireplace. 

Have a seat next to the fireplace

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The rooms are very cozy and they feature own balconies. 

Would you like to spend a few days in this beautiful room?

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Cliff house hotel features a one star restaurant boosting sea views tables. All the ingredients are sourced locally. 

From here the cliff walk starts, a refreshing hike along the coastline.If you are lucky you can see whales. 

On our walk back we toured the Ardmore Village. 

If the wine from the lunch wasn’t enough we visited the Dungarvan Brewing company where we learnt about the process behind a craft beer. The beer tasting was the highlight of course 🙂 

We found out why the Guinness foam is special. They use nytrogen 😛

Our stay was at the lovely Park Hotel Holiday Homes & Leisure Centre

After some rest we had a delicious dinner with rissoto truffles. 

The day couldn’t have ended without a night bike tour of the city with excellent bikes provided by the Greenway man. I had a super fast  Trek bike that reminded me of my Merida trekking bike. 

Even if it was Friday evening I found the town pretty sleepy with a few pubs open and with some young people walking the streets.

Cyclades: Activities & Pampering or Sailing & Exploration?

Returning once again to a summer favourite like Greece, the reason why Greece is such a classic is that enables travelers of all sorts to experience a wide range of holiday types. Among traveler kinds, there are the types that prefer luxury and pampering to the full extent, others that are activity driven and want to be as active as possible, the solo travelers, the family goers, the romantics, the ones that are sailing enthusiasts, can’t get enough of the Aegean sea and its coastal wonders who wish to explore it all! Although in some cases these traveler and holiday types are not mutually exclusive, the Cyclades are able to offer a wide variety of holiday experiences that can apply to a broad range of traveler types.

Activities & Pampering:

If you enjoy a fair amount of pampering whilst you are on holiday but cannot say no to a healthy mix of some activity to get your adrenaline pumping a bit, then Paros island may just be the right fit for you. Capable of a little bit of everything, Paros is a popular, diverse and affordable choice in the Cyclades cluster. A top destination for windsurfing and kite-surfing, as well as horse-riding, sea diving and all sorts of water sport excitement, Paros has wonderful beaches, a second, non-commercial port called Naoussa that is the highlight of nightlife, while the popular Antiparos island is accessible if you want to make a short excursion, within 30 mins from the commercial port of Parikia, or only 10 mins if you make your way to Pounda beach (7 km from Parikia). The choices to spend outside your hotel are as wide ranging as you want them to be. Seeking a stay experience that pampers you after an intense day or intense day is not hard to find. Minois Village Hotel Suites & Spa is the ideal accommodation choice for treating you to some Spa and Wellness in Paros with its Thalassa Spa and Gym. With a range of personalized treatments and indulgent therapies of caviar, chocolate and gold, according to individual skin needs. You can choose between the face spa package or the body spa package and surrender to expert hands of the therapists. In addition, there is a hammam, a jacuzzi, relaxation rooms, while you can try a foot bath or a beauty treatment before your night out. With children facilities and a great Paros sea view restaurant to seduce you by taste and sight, you can be sure to be getting the holiday of a lifetime.


Sailing & Exploration:

If staying in one place with the option for nearby venturing doesn’t seem like enough and you think you can handle a handful more, in combination with the adventure of sailing, and the advantage of a set itinerary plus the bonus of added value optional excursions, then Variety Cruises may just be your dream holiday scenario. You’ll feel like a modern day Odysseus, somewhere between conventional cruising and private yachting. You can explore 8 Cycladic islands and 2 that are closer to Athens in 12 days, and completely get away from it all by trusting the sea tour experts to show you all the very best, or the Jewels of the Cyclades as they call them. Paros and Antiparos islands are on the list, in addition to 8 others that will generously offer visuals to be awed by. Consider also that you are just boarding once, and are given the opportunity to discover so much, almost without lifting a finger… you don’t need to think about the technicalities, or worry about how to plan your day so that you get the most of it. Everything has already been pre-designed by the cruise experts to give the most out of being on board. They also make sure you’re never …bored on board and even have Greek night planned, showcasing the best of Greek entertainment too. Apart from Paros and Antiparos, you’ll get a taste of the sublime Folegandros, the majestic Santorini, the cosmopolitan Mykonos, the mystical Delos, the quaint Syros and the traditional Kythnos, all of which belong to the Cyclades while you’ll also discover Poros and Poliegos as your first two stops.


Find what you love and experience it! Three incredibly romantic summer destinations


Love is an essential part of our lives and is one of the key elements of feeling happy and satisfied. If Charles Bukowski said “Find what you love and let it kill you”, we will say “Find what you love and experience it”. We love to travel and we love summer, so here are three destinations that are perpetually summery, romantic and yet can offer so much more, enhancing your holiday experience even further. Curious to find out? Read on.

Stunning Crete – The enchanting Mirabello bay

A place that has it all: incredible beaches, fantastic gastronomy, hospitable people, cosmopolitan cities and quaint fishing villages. Split across four prefectures, we focus on the Lassithi region and more specifically in the popular retreat area of Ag. Nikolaos where we have discovered the enchanting bay of Mirabello, and the magnificent panoramic location of Elounda Gulf Villas & Suites. This elegant, family-run boutique villa hotel complex is almost exclusively designed to harbour your privacy and lavish it with landscapes of truly enchanting beauty, and the atmosphere of your luxury private home that guarantees absolute exclusivity and romance. With a private beach club to relax on in addition to the private pools of the Elounda Villas & Suites, you may indulge in spa and wellness treatments, in superior Cretan gastronomy plus you can add a bit of adventure by choosing a sailing or boat tour around the stunning bay and get your sightseeing fix too!  


Sublime Folegandros – The simplicity of authenticity
If you are looking for a place to conceal your love entirely, then you should consider the Cycladic gem of Folegandros, an island that has been almost untouched by time and unchanged in many ways, offering an unprecedented experience of living in the moment. You can still be surrounded by true island luxury at the sophisticated design hotel, Anemi. Located in a wonderful spot in the area of Karavostasis, with accommodation facing the Aegean sea, you can get lost in the views of the deep blue hues of the waters, that come into complete harmony with the wild and peculiar landscapes. Taste traditional flavours with a modern twist, and find out that wellness comes almost naturally here. As for reinforcing it, you can choose between training on your own at the fitness centre, or getting involved with group yoga sessions that will definitely elate your spirits as you feel the energy that the astonishing visuals create. Speaking of visuals, Folegandros is known for its hiking paths that fill the visitor with incredible scenic images, and for something really awesome, you can visit the Kastro part of Chora, a dramatic clifftop settlement that will create a sense of awe for viewers

Spectacular Seychelles – The exotic classic

We have already mentioned the Mediterranean mecca of honeymoons, Santorini, in a previous post. If Santorini is the Mediterranean classic of romance, then the exotic classic of romance has to be Seychelles. Visited by millions of people who flock to its electric coloured shores to find their sanctuary of love, it remains a global no. 1 for combining summer and romance. However, as each beach maybe more beautiful than the last, choosing one place can be a challenge. The commercialisation of summer romance in Seychelles can sometimes detract from the overall experience, and over the top expressions of superfluous love may sometimes… kill the magic of the experience. Try a different approach and choose a Seychelles cruise and discover the Garden of Eden by visiting a dozen, magical locations that reveal a myriad of immaculate visuals that interchange many times throughout the day. Romance comes easily on board with so much beauty all around, and it’s smooth sailing into the realm of love when you can tuck your love away into the privacy of your cabin while you can lose yourselves & make plans of the future during your ocean view dinner.    

Review of The Bayview Hotel, Pattaya 

With Bangkok just over 100 kilometers away, Pattaya has been frequented by travelers from all over the world for its huge variety of activities and attractions to enjoy, whether you’ve come as a family, a couple or as a group of friends. From luxurious beach resorts to bustling street markets, from diving into the blue sea to dancing the night away in the town’s hottest party spot, Pattaya has all the ingredients for the perfect vacation. All of this made us decide to visit it for some days.

As Pattaya was on our way from Koh Chang Island to Bangkok we planned to stop there for several days to explore the city.  Knowing that we would be staying at The Bayview, a Sukosol Hotel, made us even more excited about it! 


We left Koh Chang in the morning and after a ride to the pier, took a ferry, then a van trip that took almost all day, we then arrived in Pattaya at the Bayview hotel. Especially after this long trip, the moment we stepped in the hotel lobby we felt released. The friendly staff and the welcome drink together with some delicious macarons and a refreshing cold towel made our day! 

The hotel has the best location possible in Pattaya. It sits between the Beach Road and the parallel central road but the building is secluded from the street noise and traffic.  This makes the whole space feel like a peaceful oasis in a bustling city.  

Our room was just beautiful, with a spectacular sea view and a balcony.  Most of the rooms have a sea or garden views.  I especially loved that the bathroom had a window you could open and admire the sea even when you shower! 

As part of the Sukosol Hotels chain, The Bayview is indeed as the slogan says “Hotels with heart”.  The tranquility and the elegance of this first-class beachside hotel are reflected in the beautifully designed and contemporary rooms and public area. I especially loved the eclectic art objects and the spectacular pieces of furniture in the lobby. 

The second day of our stay at the Bayview it was the 14th of February, Valentine’s Day. 

I couldn’t imagine a better way to celebrate it.  We started the day with the buffet breakfast. The great news is that they serve breakfast from 6 to 11! This is so amazing! Even if you leave early the city you can enjoy it or if you are like us, not morning people you get more hours of sleep.  

The breakfast buffet was absolutely great.  The variety of food and options was overwhelming.  From all kinds of eggs/omelette cooked to your preference, to the variety of Thai dishes to the even more sweet options like pastry or freshly made waffles to fruits, this breakfast has it all! Along with great coffee and fresh fruit juice, it was a perfect way to start the day.  

The pool of the hotel was so inviting that after breakfast we stayed by the pool for some hours. The pool is suitable for kids also, but the hotel has actually two pools so it is actually never crowded.  You can stay in the sun to get a tan or in the shade playing ping pong in the garden or just relax, at this hotel you can spend all day never lacking anything to do. 

Another special thing that you can do here is to learn how to cook Thai, by booking at the reception a Thai cooking class or participating in the Fruit carving class.  I chose the fruit carving and I am so happy I did it. I still marvel at the result of my work! 

It is such a nice way to spend the day and learn something new! In the end we all received a printed cloth apron, a matching chef’s hat and a professional certificate! 

For the evening we enjoyed a romantic candle light dinner in the restaurant. They organized a great seafood buffet, special cocktails, a great spot for pictures and live piano music.  For the buffet, you can pick your own favorite seafood and in minutes it’s cooked on the barbecue. A great variety of main dishes, salads, meat and our favorite, sushi! Not to mention, the huge range of desserts. Here, at the Bayview, the passion for culinary excellence is evident. We loved the dinner, drinks, the music.  It was just perfect! ❤️


And this is exactly what we did all day, that night we realized we hadn’t been out of the Bayview hotel the whole day.  

Here is a movie of our stay at The Bayview Hotel in Pattaya and we hope you will enjoy it!

The Bayview, Pattaya
Address: Pattaya, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150
Phone: 038 423 871

Visit Cuba before the start of summer

Known for our love of summer, here we present one more riveting and summer-like destination that you can discover before the official start of summer; none other than the unconventional Cuba, Havana and beyond promises to provide the traveler with wonderful visuals and experiences to cherish for a lifetime. Here are the highlights that make Cuba an unmissable place to visit, for combining a summer holiday with the unique conditions that make incredible memories.

The carefree culture:
Cubans are a people that are filled with a fervour for life that is manifested in almost everything they do. They are a musical people, and it would seem that the rhythm beats within them. By strolling around Havana’s streets, you will be lured primarily by the sounds of guitars and many types of percussion, as well as basses and trumpets occasionally, the sounds of which reverberate throughout the colourful town, like a call to celebrate life! Naturally adept in rumba, Afro-Cuban jazz and salsa melodies, the Cubans will get their musical instruments out and play in the middle of the street for no apparent reason. In one of Havana’s most lively neighbourhoods, Callejon de Hamel, the vibrant alleys and side roads are brightly decorated with wall art made by locals, while visiting on the weekends increases your chances of stumbling across a full scale street party filled with local music and dancing!

The art and architecture:
Havana especially is incredibly photogenic; for the photography enthusiasts among you, be prepared to bring a couple of memory cards with you. Mostly everywhere you turn there is an amazing frame for a great snapshot! From the urban modern art display of Fusterlandia to the stunning building structures that dominate the Old Havana and Vedado areas, you will have plentiful opportunities to capture the city’s essence. Make your way to Plaza Vieja, a vibrant little square filled with cafes and shops and boasts a sizeable yet strange bronze statue. Check out Paza de la Catedral and admire the baroque style Cathedral, while you can also pay a visit to the sensational Museum of Revolution. Now, in Havana’s more commercial and modernised region, Vedado, the El Capitolio and Gran Teatro buildings will absolutely mesmerize you.

The landscapes and climate
Cuba is just about Havana and when it comes to combining incredible landscapes with exceptional climate conditions, you need to travel a bit further. On the north coast, you must definitely discover the immaculate Varadero beach. But if you really want to discover a hidden treasure then it’s towards the south, and the Isla de Juventud (or the island of youth) that boasts the gorgeous Punta Frances and Bibijagua beaches, packed with thick, powdery sands and the most crystal clear waters. The tropical climate of Cuba allows for the dry, summer season to begin in March so now is the time to cruise the south of Cuba discovering these gems plus Cayo Largo island, and Trinidad in addition to the charmingly rugged Havana.

Recommended place in Koh Chang,  Thailand 

We love Thailand and this time we came from Cambodia to the Koh Chang Island.  I have to admit we had no expectations, and we ❤️ it

It is a beautiful and affordable island, the second largest island of Thailand.
We stayed on the island for 9 days and we enjoyed the nature, the beaches, the food and the party scene.  The whole period we had accommodation in Lonely beach, the “backpacker” area. There, you can find a room or bungalow from 350 thb to 1000 thb.  We stayed at Magic Garden and we payed 350 thb for a nice bungalow.
We recommend you to rent a scooter (200thb/day) and explore the island.  For great food go to the night street market in the White Sand Beach area.
As we spend quite a lot of time in Lonely  Beach we discovered the best place to enjoy the sunset. It is the bar/restaurant of the Warapura Resort.  

It is a lovely place, with great food and drinks, tables to eat but also a hammock and the Thai style pillows to relax.  The sea view, especially during sunset, is to die for.  And on top of that, they have happy hour from 5 to 7 pm.  Cocktails are 99 thb and beer 45thb.

The staff is super nice and professional and the bartender makes the best pina colada I ever had. 🍹

As an architect,  I also loved the design of the place, with a nice area to chill and romantic lights and candles all over the restaurant.
We enjoyed this place so much that we went there tree days in a row ☺️

Also, the best activity to do while here is to go on a snorkel trip.  We took the 5 Islands full day trip with the slow boat and it was 600 thb/person.  The islands are in the National Marine Park so before departure, at the Bang Bao pier you have to pay another 200thb fee
We can say the trip is totally worth it.  The boat ride is nice, you have water & coffee included, a very nice Thai food buffet and the snorkel gear.  The islands you will see are postcard picture like ❤️ and the snorkel was really great as you see a lot of fish and corals.

At this point, the island is still 70 % occupied by jungle and only the White Sand Beach felt a little too crowded and developed.  The rest of the island still has a nice sleepy and relaxing feeling.

Enjoy Koh Chang Island!

With ❤️, Always Summer