Wish list for our trip in The United States

We are in the airplane from Europe to United States, flying from Oslo, via Helsinki, getting closer to one of our favorite countries in the world. 

When I travel somewhere I like to know what kind of (new) experiences I like to have so we made a list of the priorities we will have as visitors to the US.

We will start with New York, very generous for both the traveler and the entrepreneur in me.

Here it goes:

participate to three Travel Massive events, the largest community of travel insiders and professionals

meet the chapter leaders of Travel Massive and get connected to the local community

experience work of dog sitting and dog walking. Yes, we miss our dogs already:)

attend 1 Million cups events, cool networking event we have experienced already in California this year

test at least five co-working hubs and spaces

visit three student campuses and learn about the educational opportunities

follow event bride and meetup events and participate to at least ten educational and/or professional events 

pitch meetpuravida.com to 100 people to get general feedback on the project and to get followers

pitch meetpuravida.com to at least five financial investors

visit at least five interesting museums on their free admission day:)

take advantage of the shopping opportunities of Black Friday

check at least five of the most impressive roof-top bars in New York, Philadelphia, Washington and Dallas.

participate to three athletic events, like running or biking 

watch a basketball or American football match


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