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Best value accommodation in Anda

Right on the public white beach of Anda we found a great place to spend a few days, Little Miami beach.

The location is absolutely the best in the area. All the expensive resorts isolate you from the local authentic life and they keep you away from the town, the local market or the best beach in the area which is…the public beach.

So at Little Miami beach you are in the center of the public beach, steps away from the.

We would recommend this place for the amazing location, confortable beds, exceptional value for money paid (500 pesos or 11 dollars for a hut without bathroom. 800 for ensuite)

They are not at this point on any booking website, so you would have to book directly on their website.


Little_Miami_Anda_Beach (1)Little_Miami_Anda_Beach (2)Little_Miami_Anda_Beach (4)Little_Miami_Anda_Beach (6)Little_Miami_Anda_Beach (7)Little_Miami_Anda_Beach (8)

Little_Miami_Anda_Beach (5)

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