Columbia,  Destinations

First impressions on Columbia after visiting Cartagena and Santa Marta

-Columbia’s average salary is more than 30% higher than in Romania, country member of the European Union 
-It’s an affordable country, but definitely not cheap
-In five days we never heard anything than Spanish music
-Columbians enjoy music and dance
-the healthy options for food are super limited,  the locals enjoy eating a lot of junk food,  so their shape it’s not the best
-it’s pretty safe even though from time to time people warn about not showing off your smartphone. There is a lot of police
-they take fingerprints at some hotels and at the exchange offices
-better not read too much about one place,  you will miss the chanche to be surprised 
-Taxi is quite affordable 
-In Santa Marta area there are few foreign tourists
-There is not much space for negotiations and they don’t seem to enjoy this process 
-They make terrific Mojito
-the intercity buses are the most comfortable in the world, lots of leg space and super large reclining seats and free wireless net
-thank God, very few people smoke:)
-there is no hot water at the showers
-it’s safer than most people would assume

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