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article and video review Hotel Transit-Kuala Lumpur

Here’s our review of Hotel Transit in Kuala Lumpur,  based on criteria we consider are most relevant for your stay.
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Pillows are for us one of the most important factors for having a good sleep.
Most places ignore this important and they provide really stiff or uncomfortable pillows made of less natural fitting.
RATING: 7/10 not the worst pillows, but not the greatest either. Comfortable enough
Many aspects are equally important , but the bed is what you actually pay for sleeping
RATING 9/10 comfy bed queen size
If you will hear traffic, roosters or the other guests from the other rooms you can have a nightmare instead of good sleep and be up all night. This happened to us a few times.
RATING 10/10
Even though Hotel Transit is positioned next to a large boulevard the insulation is vey good and there is no noise from the other rooms or hallway.

we are well travelled and with a eight years experience managing more than 8 hostels and apartments in Romania. We can tell in seconds if the staff pays attention to details to make your stay perfect and to provide you with anything that you need.
RATING 7/10 everything was clean and tidy, tea and coffee in the room etc
What we would have improved were the toiletries (they were out of shampoo and gel in the shower; we would suggest them to have these products in small bottles instead of a unique dispenser) and the carpet in the hallways. We checked two different floors and it was poor maintained, maybe they had some work in progress.


If you travel for business or for holidays you need to keep i touch with your work, friends and family. A fast and most important, reliable Internet is very appreciated.
RATING 5/10 decent speed, but very unreliable, it was difficult to have a constant connection.
We feel much better when we find staff and hosts that really enjoy their work and their interaction with the travellers. We also look for more authentic places to stay, from the design to the surroundings.
RATING 8/10 The hotel is new and we appreciated its design. The staff was very polite and flexible with our request to have a room with a better view.

The breakfast included at your hotel can save you the time and hassle to find a place to eat in the morning. If you enjoy a hearty breakfast you can jump in to explore the surroundings and not worry for a few hours about food.
RATING 8/10 The setting is nice with big windows, but without any ambient music, just the sound of forks:)
The food was pretty ok for Asian standard of breakfast, even though most of it for us as Europeans is much better for dinner. There was no butter, just margarine, a total unhealthy choice in our opinion. We would have enjoyed an espresso machine instead of the eternal instant coffee of the Asian accommodations.
Especially if you travel as a couple you can get inspired by the hotel you are staying in, The place can  ignite your romanticism  or cool it off.
RATING 8/10 As it is a new hotel, well kept and with some nice urban views of the city and of the Petronas tower we felt comfortable. It`s not great for a romantic escapade as it does not have a inspiring restaurant or bar or a great atmosphere.
We would definitely recommend Hotel Transit. Very high value for the money paid (35 euros for a private room) and walking distance to the Petronas tower and the central area of Kuala Lumpur.
If you want to check the rates and book a room at Hotel Transit , click here

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