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Visit Costa Rica now and get ahead of Summer!

At Love Always Summer, we are passionate about finding summer destinations, even if it means travelling across the globe to the other side of the world. Especially now, in the midst of winter, we are particularly excited to present a destination that we cannot get enough of: Costa Rica.

The rich coast, which is what the name means in Spanish, is a very strong candidate for a destination that allows for experiencing summer holidays during winter. Also considered one of the happiest countries of the world, here we provide 3 very basic reasons why you should consider Costa Rica for a holiday this winter.

1) Ideal weather:
Costa Rica, located in Central America, boasts a dry, summer season in the months of December to April: warm temperatures, mild climate changes, soft breezes, calm seas and plenty of sunshine! This means that when most of the western world is almost covered in snow(!), the summer seekers among us have a chance to visit a place that is blooming with life. This inverse climate makes cruising through Costa Rica a piece of cake. Leave the wet, winter season to the locals between the months of May to November, and during these more traditionally warmer months, opt for the more classic side of summer, and consider a getaway to the warm Mediterranean perhaps.

2) A wildlife paradise: Costa Rica occupies only 0.1% of the world’s landmass, and in that small territory it hosts around 5% of the world’s biodiversity, while 25% of its areas are environmentally protected. It is home to over 320 types of birds, 25 species of which are rare hummingbirds, and a huge variety in mammals including big cats (Jaguars, Ocelots, Margay Cats, Jaguarundi, Oncillas) and monkeys (White headed Capuchins, Mantled Howler, Central American Squirrel and the Geoffroy’s Spider monkeys) plus many reptiles and a vibrant marine life, as well as some very strange creatures such as Tapirs and 2 kinds of Sloths.

3) Diverse landscapes: The richness of this land is primarily showcased in the variety displayed across its landscapes, and then followed by all the wildlife that calls these diverse landscapes their home: pristine beaches, thick and humid rain forests, mysterious jungles, rocky mountains, dormant volcanoes, flowing rivers and glassy lakes, and thriving seas. This plethora of natural contrasts, this collection of natural formations opens up a whole world of possibilities for exploring, observing, experiencing. A myriad of activities await visitors, from to sailing, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, and other types of water sports, to hiking, zip-lining, mountaineering, climbing, trekking, cycling, to anything your heart desires.The people who provide these activities provide the top snorkeling gear, zip line cross belt, scuba fins and even have waterproof cameras so that you can capture the beautiful memories of your trip without any issue. You can easily make a day to day itinerary and make sure you experience it all!


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