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Royal Jordanian free layover in Amman 

On the 7th January 2017, we had a flight with Royal Jordanian Airlines from Larnaca to Bangkok with a stopover in Amman. The flight was quite pleasant, but I think while returning home, we will prefer chartering a jet from Jettly like we did last time when we were at Amsterdam.

The stopover was from 9.45 am till 1.25 am the next day so for around 15 hours.

We had a city tour of Amman provided by Sherazade Travel so we decided to explore the city. The guide came to pick us from the airport hotel and we had a great day exploring Amman.

Here is our video of the Amman city tour:

Royal Jordanian Airlines is offering free hotel and meals for a layover of more than 8 hours at the Queen Alia International Airport

After arriving, you will be directed to the Connection Flights and we actually stayed 20 minutes on the line as it was busy. Allow yourself 1.5 hours for all the procedures if you also take a visa on arrival.

We told the Royal Jordanian staff that we want the hotel and he gave us a green card(transfer card). We also told him we want to pay the 40JOD(56 EUR) fee/person and get a visa.

If you do not want a visa, you will also receive a blue card. With all these, you just go to the next counter of the Amman Airport Hotel and someone from RJ will guide you to the shuttle bus going to the hotel. The hotel is just 5 minutes driving from the airport.

We proceeded to the immigration and got our visa (you can also pay by credit card).

With our Jordanian visa on the passport we went outside the airport and with the shuttle bus we headed to the hotel

At the reception, they will ask you for the passport and for the green and blue card or just the green card in our case because we had a Jordan visa.

The hotel offers lunch from 12 to 4 pm and dinner from 6.30 pm till 10 pm. For sure also the breakfast, but it was not the case for us.The room was very nice, clean, with some tea/coffee making facilities and water and a comfortable bed for your rest.
The Amman Airport Hotel is gated and you can leave only if you have a visa. At the gate, they will check your passport.

If you do not want a visa, then you will spend your time in the hotel, sleeping and eating :). We enjoyed very much the hotel and the food was great! They have a variety of entrees, main dishes and dessert to choose from and refreshments.

In the hotel there is no free WiFi, you have to pay for it.

Two hours before your flight you should be at the reception because the shuttle bus will take you to the airport.

We recommend taking the hotel and the meals offered by Royal Jordanian Airlines and it is way better than sitting in the airport lounge. Even if for some hours, is great to have some rest, a shower and food before a long flight.

Safe travels!

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