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The best three locations to stay in Santorini 

On your next visit to the the most captivating island of the Greek Cyclades, choose between the best three locations to stay in Santorini. What should you consider when making the choice of where to stay? Well, that depends what each of these locations offer, and what you are also looking for. Without further ado, the best locations to stay in Santorini are definitely Oia, Fira and Akrotiri, each able to offer the visitor an entirely different stay experience.

Stay in Oia for the sunset

The Santorini sunset is known for its staggering beauty far and wide. And although the sunset colours can be found strewn all across the sky, and visible practically from the entire west side coast of the island, it is from Oia where you can get unobstructed views of the sun dipping into the sea. Enjoy the world’s most glorious sunset in peace and quiet within the privacy of your own luxury suite with direct sunset view in Oia, and avoid the crowds that are often crammed within the tight cobblestone streets searching for a glimpse of the spectacular natural phenomenon that reaches levels of perfection on the enchanting island of Santorini.

Stay in Fira for the town vibes

Santorini has quite the vibrant scene, during the day and during the night. In the day the center town called Fira is full of colour, with all the cafes and souvenir shops welcoming everyone, of all ages. Museums and galleries are also open, whereas during the day it is the best time to photograph the island and its white washed buildings and blue dome churches. It is an ideal location in you are visiting with your family, or if you are looking to soak up the town vibes in full, as everything is at your feet in Fira. You can still enjoy a refreshing cool dip in Kalisti hotel in Fira that boasts the largest swimming pool in town, or you can venture out to one of the colourful beaches if you please. And when the night falls, Fira is transformed into a true nightlife enchantress. With all the bars and clubs buzzing, the nightlife of Fira town offer a whole other perspective, that you can indulge in for a few casual cocktails or even an all night bender well into the first hours of the new day.

Stay in Akrotiri for seclusion
Having mentioned the crowds in Oia and the busy town of Fira, those seeking absolute seclusion and remoteness, can choose to stay in a romantic retreat hotel in Akrotiri. There, couples especially, will find the ultimate romantic hideaway for their love, made of luxurious suites and fabulous facilities offering unforgettable moments framed by wonderful gastronomic experiences, and many others, on a unique location on the rim of the Caldera. It provides an extraordinary vantage point, with incredible views of the clifftop settlements of Fira, Imerovigli and Oia, as well as the iconic volcano amidst the Aegean sea. The perfect setting to make you feel like the only two people in the world


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