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Cyclades: Activities & Pampering or Sailing & Exploration?

Returning once again to a summer favourite like Greece, the reason why Greece is such a classic is that enables travelers of all sorts to experience a wide range of holiday types. Among traveler kinds, there are the types that prefer luxury and pampering to the full extent, others that are activity driven and want to be as active as possible, the solo travelers, the family goers, the romantics, the ones that are sailing enthusiasts, can’t get enough of the Aegean sea and its coastal wonders who wish to explore it all! Although in some cases these traveler and holiday types are not mutually exclusive, the Cyclades are able to offer a wide variety of holiday experiences that can apply to a broad range of traveler types.

Activities & Pampering:

If you enjoy a fair amount of pampering whilst you are on holiday but cannot say no to a healthy mix of some activity to get your adrenaline pumping a bit, then Paros island may just be the right fit for you. Capable of a little bit of everything, Paros is a popular, diverse and affordable choice in the Cyclades cluster. A top destination for windsurfing and kite-surfing, as well as horse-riding, sea diving and all sorts of water sport excitement, Paros has wonderful beaches, a second, non-commercial port called Naoussa that is the highlight of nightlife, while the popular Antiparos island is accessible if you want to make a short excursion, within 30 mins from the commercial port of Parikia, or only 10 mins if you make your way to Pounda beach (7 km from Parikia). The choices to spend outside your hotel are as wide ranging as you want them to be. Seeking a stay experience that pampers you after an intense day or intense day is not hard to find. Minois Village Hotel Suites & Spa is the ideal accommodation choice for treating you to some Spa and Wellness in Paros with its Thalassa Spa and Gym. With a range of personalized treatments and indulgent therapies of caviar, chocolate and gold, according to individual skin needs. You can choose between the face spa package or the body spa package and surrender to expert hands of the therapists. In addition, there is a hammam, a jacuzzi, relaxation rooms, while you can try a foot bath or a beauty treatment before your night out. With children facilities and a great Paros sea view restaurant to seduce you by taste and sight, you can be sure to be getting the holiday of a lifetime.

Sailing & Exploration:

If staying in one place with the option for nearby venturing doesn’t seem like enough and you think you can handle a handful more, in combination with the adventure of sailing, and the advantage of a set itinerary plus the bonus of added value optional excursions, then Variety Cruises may just be your dream holiday scenario. You’ll feel like a modern day Odysseus, somewhere between conventional cruising and private yachting. You can explore 8 Cycladic islands and 2 that are closer to Athens in 12 days, and completely get away from it all by trusting the sea tour experts to show you all the very best, or the Jewels of the Cyclades as they call them. Paros and Antiparos islands are on the list, in addition to 8 others that will generously offer visuals to be awed by. Consider also that you are just boarding once, and are given the opportunity to discover so much, almost without lifting a finger… you don’t need to think about the technicalities, or worry about how to plan your day so that you get the most of it. Everything has already been pre-designed by the cruise experts to give the most out of being on board. They also make sure you’re never …bored on board and even have Greek night planned, showcasing the best of Greek entertainment too. Apart from Paros and Antiparos, you’ll get a taste of the sublime Folegandros, the majestic Santorini, the cosmopolitan Mykonos, the mystical Delos, the quaint Syros and the traditional Kythnos, all of which belong to the Cyclades while you’ll also discover Poros and Poliegos as your first two stops.

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