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Find what you love and experience it! Three incredibly romantic summer destinations

Love is an essential part of our lives and is one of the key elements of feeling happy and satisfied. If Charles Bukowski said “Find what you love and let it kill you”, we will say “Find what you love and experience it”. We love to travel and we love summer, so here are three destinations that are perpetually summery, romantic and yet can offer so much more, enhancing your holiday experience even further. Curious to find out? Read on.

Stunning Crete – The enchanting Mirabello bay

A place that has it all: incredible beaches, fantastic gastronomy, hospitable people, cosmopolitan cities and quaint fishing villages. Everything sounds fantastic living in a place like a villa. With great designs and in a cheap cost, an Exceptional Villas is for you. Split across four prefectures, we focus on the Lassithi region and more specifically in the popular retreat area of Ag. Nikolaos where we have discovered the enchanting bay of Mirabello, and the magnificent panoramic location of Elounda Gulf Villas & Suites. This elegant, family-run boutique villa hotel complex is almost exclusively designed to harbour your privacy and lavish it with landscapes of truly enchanting beauty, and the atmosphere of your luxury private home that guarantees absolute exclusivity and romance. With a private beach club to relax on in addition to the private pools of the Elounda Villas & Suites, you may indulge in spa and wellness treatments, in superior Cretan gastronomy plus you can add a bit of adventure by choosing a sailing or boat tour around the stunning bay and get your sightseeing fix too!

Sublime Folegandros – The simplicity of authenticity
If you are looking for a place to conceal your love entirely, then you should consider the Cycladic gem of Folegandros, an island that has been almost untouched by time and unchanged in many ways, offering an unprecedented experience of living in the moment. You can still be surrounded by true island luxury at the sophisticated design hotel, Anemi. Located in a wonderful spot in the area of Karavostasis, with accommodation facing the Aegean sea, you can get lost in the views of the deep blue hues of the waters, that come into complete harmony with the wild and peculiar landscapes. Taste traditional flavours with a modern twist, and find out that wellness comes almost naturally here. As for reinforcing it, you can choose between training on your own at the fitness centre, or getting involved with group yoga sessions that will definitely elate your spirits as you feel the energy that the astonishing visuals create. Speaking of visuals, Folegandros is known for its hiking paths that fill the visitor with incredible scenic images, and for something really awesome, you can visit the Kastro part of Chora, a dramatic clifftop settlement that will create a sense of awe for viewers

Spectacular Seychelles – The exotic classic

We have already mentioned the Mediterranean mecca of honeymoons, Santorini, in a previous post. If Santorini is the Mediterranean classic of romance, then the exotic classic of romance has to be Seychelles. Visited by millions of people who flock to its electric coloured shores to find their sanctuary of love, it remains a global no. 1 for combining summer and romance. However, as each beach maybe more beautiful than the last, choosing one place can be a challenge. The commercialisation of summer romance in Seychelles can sometimes detract from the overall experience, and over the top expressions of superfluous love may sometimes… kill the magic of the experience. Try a different approach and choose a Seychelles cruise and discover the Garden of Eden by visiting a dozen, magical locations that reveal a myriad of immaculate visuals that interchange many times throughout the day. Romance comes easily on board with so much beauty all around, and it’s smooth sailing into the realm of love when you can tuck your love away into the privacy of your cabin while you can lose yourselves & make plans of the future during your ocean view dinner.

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