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Visit to Hubud, the Hub of Ubud-Bali

We are truly global citizens.
We just got to Bali and we met the leader of Travel Massive Bali, the next hour we were having tea with Marta Komosa from JCI Poland at a tropical terrace and in no time we were at the The Yoga Barn – Bali to greet Crina
The Hubud (the hub of Ubud) hosts digital nomads, free lancers and entrepreneurs from sixty (!) different country.
There are laptop bars facing the rice fields, super healthy food and drinks, fast internet, great people.
It`s just amazing. Make a change in your life, come to Bali,there is Always SummerZâmbet

”Hubud is a conscious, smart, cutting edge space that will no doubt be the breeding ground of incredible world-changing ideas – it’s like the tropical silicon valley, fueled by coconut water instead of red bull”

”Hubud is like workplace utopia. Really, once you step inside you’ll wonder why you ever worked in an office, or at a desk from home”

”Hubud is a beacon of high-speed internet bliss that provides a perfect compliment to the slow-paced yogic lifestyle of Ubud.”

We just attended the second annual town-hall meeting of Hubud and we learnt they will move this year in October to a different location, much bigger.
The actual Headqurters of Hubud are amazing,a  fairytale house made entirely of Bamboo.

Tudor Maxim's photo.


Tudor Maxim's photo.


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