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article and video review of Sapu Lidi Resort Spa & Gallery-Ubud, Bali

We made here a review of this hotel by the criteria we consider are most relevant for your stay.
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Pillows are for us one of the most important factors for having a good sleep.
Most places ignore this important and they provide really stiff or uncomfortable pillows made of less natural fitting.
RATING: 9/10 very good pillows. I loved the fact that we had each 2 pillows ( one big and one smaller)
Many aspects are equally important , but the bed is what you actually pay for sleeping
RATING 10/10 Comfy and soft bed king size, very nice arranged with a lot of pillows.Good mattress.i Love the fact that it ia also a small comfortable sofa in front of the bed.
If you will hear traffic, roosters or the other guests from the other rooms you can have a nightmare instead of good sleep and be up all night. This happened to us a few times.
Although the villas are in a idyllic scenery, next to a river or in front of the rice fields, it is not perfect. And not because of the birds. It you stay in the villa with the view of the ricefields, during the day, there are some mans who stay almost all day and trying to chase away  the birds . it is a little noisy , they are making some sounds and also move around the field some ropes with plastic or metal bottles .  The rest of the time still it is a very peacefull place.

we are well travelled and with a eight years experience managing more than 8 hostels and apartments in Romania. We can tell in seconds if the staff pays attention to details to make your stay perfect and to provide you with anything that you need.
RATING 7/10 The villas are well furnished, with a sofa , desk and tv , water, tea and coffee in the room, slippers. They arrange nice the towels and put a fresh flower also. I found it very lovely. The bathrooms are the best thing. For the rice view villa we had a nice bathtub under the clear sky and a huge bathroom. It is very nice, the villa is big and with a private terrace just one step from the rice field. The only thing i can add is that they provide two kinds of washing products, but you cannot say which one is shampoo or which one is shower gel.
For the Riverside Villa, it was a nice surprise and the toiletries bottles had labels. you can feel they do not have a certain procedure maybe for cleaning or arrange the rooms. Also, in the second villa they forget to put at the sink the two glasses (which in the other room wore) to put in the tooth brush. Near the bed we had two lovely bedlamps, and after looking 10 minutes for a swich to turn them on we asked one of the staff. Two persons came and they didn`t had a clue also. in the end they found the switch after the bed but it was not working.
The staff ot the hotel has a major role in your first or later impression about the place. Can make your life easier or harder. It is the personal , human experience that in the end counts more than the nice villa or facilities you had. 
Somehow we had the feeling that the staff is completely unuseful, not knowing things around, not to mention about reception. They seem to not know what prices they have on line( for example) and after they asked for double the price we had to book on line. Tree days in row we booked on line just because we couldn’t solve or extend  the room with the reception staff. At check out they called us to remind us to leave, we had to say to them to check their e-mail because we made another booking, then another phone, asking us if we booked the same room, and finaly the conclusion was clear and we stayed in the same room.
One day, around 6 pm , we had the surprise to have a staff member just directly entering our room! It was unbelievable! He just didn`t knock on the door. I had to jump from the bed to the door. And the worst part is that he didn`t apologized. He said is a change of shifts and they have to pull the windows curtains. Really, it was not nice!
The second day we had to move from the Ricefield Villa to the Riverside Villa ( also because we had to book what was available on line, not having a reliable person at the reception to speak to) and they just came and stayed at the door waiting for us.  We had to hurry and move around like crazy, trying to make as soon as possible the luggage….
At the restaurant, the staff was the same. We had to ask for them to fill the coffee cup, or water, or after nobody came to us for 10 minutes , personally we had to go and ask them to drink some cereals and milk to our table. And they wore not busy, just chatting one with another.
The staff is of course, polite, they kindly salute you all the time, just that when you have a problem, somehow we coudn`t find a reliable person ar we did not notice a real manager, just joung people not knowing all the time how they should act or deal a situation.


If you travel for business or for holidays you need to keep i touch with your work, friends and family. A fast and most important, reliable Internet is very appreciated.
RATING 7/10.  Sometimes is working, sometimes not. Most of the time is quite ok, you can open some pages and use facebook or mail. But it is not working to upload something. It was frustrating for us after we tried a hole day to upload a 1 minute movie and didn`t worked.
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We feel much better when we find staff and hosts that really enjoy their work and their interaction with the travellers. We also look for more authentic places to stay, from the design to the surroundings.
RATING 9/10 . The Resort is very nice looking. Not with all the latest design or materials, but very nice. The Villas are great, spacious, with almost all the walls made of glass or sliding doors. The bathrooms are from haven. Semi-outdoor , open air , big or almost huge in size. In the Riverside Villa we had a big pool, just for us in the bathroom. Wow! They also provide every two hours a free shuttle to the Ubud center and back.
The lush vegetation that surround you, the rice fields between  the villas, a very nice lake, a small river, infinity pool and spa, all of this are  absolutely great. As you step in, you just feel relaxed.

The breakfast included at your hotel can save you the time and hassle to find a place to eat in the morning. If you enjoy a hearty breakfast you can jump in to explore the surroundings and not worry for a few hours about food.
RATING 7/10.
The breakfast is served in the restaurant, located just in the rice field. It is a great view. You have tree options to choose from: continental, american or indonesian. Not so many options and not really suited for a resort to serve continental. breakfast. As we can`t eat rice for breakfast we had omelets, milk with cereals, pastry, fruits.The portions are small also.  It si not bad, but neither great. I think is a breakfast for a 2-3 stars hotel. The coffee could be stronger and the juice fresh. I don`t understand why they served can juice, very sweet and unhealthy when they have a lot of fresh fruits around!
Especially if you travel as a couple you can get inspired by the hotel you are staying in, The place can  ignite your romanticism  or cool it off.
RATING 10/10 The way the villas are looking, the bathrooms, the view, and all the greenery around you definitely makes this resort perfect for relaxation, serenity and romance. You can spend all day in the room or on the terrace or by the pool. It gives you a feeling of peace, it is like you leave all your problems at the reception and then relax and  spoil yourself.
We like the Sapu Lidi Resort&Spa.
First we booked for one night but it was hard to leave also after tree nights. The only minus is with the staff, but if you can just ignore this or maybe you are not so hard to be pleased like we are,  then you will  just love this place.
It is just like a oasis of calm, beauty and peace.
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