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#IrelandsAncientEast road trip part 2

We were invited to explore the Ireland’s ancient East for four days.

After a good night sleep at The Park Hotel in Dungavan we started our second day of exploration through the #IrelandsAncientEast with the support of Failte Ireland and #kerrycoaches

A little sleepy still, we arrived at the Dunmore East Adventure Center where, first, I personally was not so excited about getting wet and jump in the cold water of Ireland in October :). And here’s my face before that!

But I was excited about kayaking and Tudor joined me and is was such a great experience! No cold water for us, even if the other had a great time with the Wibit game of the Adventure Center. We enjoyed a nice journey on the water with some cliffs and beaches views along the way. After the kayak we wore actually energized and ready for the Wibit but we decided is better to leave something for next time. The center has also great activities for winter season so do check them while in the area.

We had lunch in one of the most beautiful places I saw so far on the coast of Ireland, at the Strand Inn, right on the beach on Dunmore East. I was impressed by the delicious food, the beautiful rooms of

the hotel but mostly I liked the design and the coziness of the restaurant. I would have stayed there all day, just watching the waves with a cup of tea in my hand!

Although it was hard to leave, the next stop was the House of Waterfort Crystal. I really enjoyed this place and I must say it was one of my favorite spots of the Ireland’s ancient East trip.

The tour you have is very informative and it shows you all from history to how the craftsmans are doing every piece right there on the spot. And we had a special treatment 🙂 I was actually able to blow in my own piece of glass, make it in the right shape and then cut it so a nice piece of crystal art will come out right of my hands! And I love it!! I did a perfect star 🌟shape on the bottom (thank God for my 6 year’s of studying geometry and architecture!) and I was able to have the crystal bowl with me at home!

Although in normal tours you are not allowed to do this i will definitely recommend a visit to the House of Waterfront Crystal as it is such a nice place to discover craftmeship and more about crystal.

The trip was followed by a nice visit of the Waterford Treasures, which is Ireland’s only Medieval Museum showcasing spectacular Treasures from the Middle-Ages and the tour was really great due to the Irish funny tour guide.

We then watched the World’s first virtual reality Viking adventure, at the 3D King of the Vikings Experience. King of the Vikings is a dynamic virtual reality experience. Really funny and if felt so real! It brings you up close and personal with the Viking warlords who founded ‘Veðrafjorðr’ (Waterford), Ireland’s oldest city.

A short city center tour and a visit of the elegant 1743 Bishop’s Palace, which is now the home of the Treasures of the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries and we finished a day full of history and experiences.

We stayed and had dinner at the Dooley’s Hotel witch was very so comfortable and relaxing. And with a nice welcome!

We are now convinced that Ireland is doing very well when it comes to hospitality. Great food and gastronomy and overall high quality services in tourism.

See you all tomorrow for another day of the #IrelandsAncientEast experience together with Failte Ireland


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