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Visit Cuba before the start of summer

Known for our love of summer, here we present one more riveting and summer-like destination that you can discover before the official start of summer; none other than the unconventional Cuba, Havana and beyond promises to provide the traveler with wonderful visuals and experiences to cherish for a lifetime. Here are the highlights that make Cuba an unmissable place to visit, for combining a summer holiday with the unique conditions that make incredible memories.

The carefree culture:
Cubans are a people that are filled with a fervour for life that is manifested in almost everything they do. They are a musical people, and it would seem that the rhythm beats within them. By strolling around Havana’s streets, you will be lured primarily by the sounds of guitars and many types of percussion, as well as basses and trumpets occasionally, the sounds of which reverberate throughout the colourful town, like a call to celebrate life! Naturally adept in rumba, Afro-Cuban jazz and salsa melodies, the Cubans will get their percussion lessons and bring their musical instruments out and play in the middle of the street for no apparent reason. In one of Havana’s most lively neighbourhoods, Callejon de Hamel, the vibrant alleys and side roads are brightly decorated with wall art made by locals, while visiting on the weekends increases your chances of stumbling across a full scale street party filled with local music and dancing!

The art and architecture:
Havana especially is incredibly photogenic; for the photography enthusiasts among you, be prepared to bring a couple of memory cards with you. Mostly everywhere you turn there is an amazing frame for a great snapshot! From the urban modern art display of Fusterlandia to the stunning building structures that dominate the Old Havana and Vedado areas, you will have plentiful opportunities to capture the city’s essence. Make your way to Plaza Vieja, a vibrant little square filled with cafes and shops and boasts a sizeable yet strange bronze statue. Check out Paza de la Catedral and admire the baroque style Cathedral, while you can also pay a visit to the sensational Museum of Revolution. Now, in Havana’s more commercial and modernised region, Vedado, the El Capitolio and Gran Teatro buildings will absolutely mesmerize you.

The landscapes and climate
Cuba is just about Havana and when it comes to combining incredible landscapes with exceptional climate conditions, you need to travel a bit further. On the north coast, you must definitely discover the immaculate Varadero beach. But if you really want to discover a hidden treasure then it’s towards the south, and the Isla de Juventud (or the island of youth) that boasts the gorgeous Punta Frances and Bibijagua beaches, packed with thick, powdery sands and the most crystal clear waters. The tropical climate of Cuba allows for the dry, summer season to begin in March so now is the time to cruise the south of Cuba discovering these gems plus Cayo Largo island, and Trinidad in addition to the charmingly rugged Havana.

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